Ashley is a focused, well-spoken, and confident young female entrepreneur whose mission is to help others create financial success through promoting ‘The Challenge’, the #1 health platform in the world.

Growing up in Alabama with four younger brothers she learned to be assertive and rely on intelligence and creativity. She and her siblings were always taught that hard work and discipline allow you to have whatever you desire.

She graduated with two degrees in three years from Auburn University after just having turned 21 years old.about-ashley-sarnicola In her early 20’s she was in the Top 1% nationally of pharmaceutical sales representatives, living in Atlanta, GA for eight years. She walked away from selling a blockbuster drug and a secure, corporate career at age 27 to build her dream of becoming a young, female entrepreneur utilizing the Visalus platform. Within only 6 months without any experience in the direct sales industry Ashley became the youngest female to reach the top position in the compensation plan and tripled her pharma pay check while working her Visalus business part time. She had solidified her future as a full time entrepreneur and chose to fire her boss and live a life of passion.

Her proudest moments are watching her mentees cross the stage with $25k-$500k bonus checks and finding the individual strengths in those who don’t believe in their own God given potential. She owns the ability to outwork her competition. Ashley leads with passion and heart and has an infectious personality and sense of humor that intensifies her teammates’ enthusiasm and the amount of fun they have building wealth together.

She and her husband have created the largest team in the last decade within the direct sales industry and are currently ranked Top 10 in the world. A woman who once learned how to make six figures a year in her early 20’s has created a system and platform to help more than 600 families achieve the same in the last three years alone, while working as entrepreneurs from home.

Ashley, Nick, and their dog, Tao, have residences in Miami Beach, FL and Grand Rapids, MI. They spend their lives creating lasting relationships while traveling to cities all over North America with the goal of creating the first product company to do a Billion in product sales alone.

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