The Power Couple

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PowerCoupleNickAshley1When Ashley Sarnicola accepted her $11 Million in Lifetime Earnings award from Vi in May 2015, she dedicated her success to the women in the room. “I am wealthy personally outside of my husband… because I was hungry, I was coachable, I never gave up, and I wanted it so bad that I could taste it. And I wanted to win. I wanted to win bad,” she said.

Ashley graduated from Auburn University in three years with a double major. She was headed toward a career in law when an attorney she had just completed an internship with changed her life.

“She knocked on my window, said ‘roll your window down.’ She asked me if I wanted to have a family someday, to which I said, ‘yes ma’am.’ Then she told me to never become an attorney.” That’s when Ashley did a U-turn and went into pharmaceutical sales. “She saved me,” Ashley said. “It was the best thing.”

Not totally satisfied with being among the top one percent of pharmaceutical sales representatives, Ashley was curious about entrepreneurialism and was looking for something part time to do. Armed with a strong work ethic, intelligence and a sense of adventure, she discovered Vi in Atlanta, Georgia and simply thought “this is something I can do.” She joined the ViSalus efforts in Atlanta and within six months, she was making more than double her pharmaceutical checks.

The man who would become her husband, Wyoming High School baseball and football star Nick Sarnicola, devoured books on personal achievement, entrepreneurship and success philosophies while building a healthy lifestyle network marketing platform, Visalus, co-founded with Ryan Blair and Blake Malien.

“Nick came to a big event we had in Atlanta. When I saw his presentation, I thought, ‘Wow he’s my age, and he’s a great speaker and entrepreneur,’” Ashley said. “I could see myself working with him.”

As fate would have it, they crashed into each other.

Ashley: We collided.

Nick: We ran right into each other.

Ashley: He was turning the corner fast, and I was coming down the corridor and we ran right into each other.

Nick: We hadn’t met yet.

Both Ashley and Nick were in serious relationships at the time. Ashley was almost engaged, and Nick had been in a relationship for four years. “When we met, it was a take your breath away moment,” Nick said.

The energy between these two compelling, adventurous, driven, gracious, kind and captivating souls is magnetic. It’s easy to imagine sparks flying when Ashley and Nick met head on. Yet, how do two thirty-something-year-olds from different backgrounds, cultures and regions of the country complement each other so completely, even finishing each other’s sentences in perfect unison?

Let’s find out.

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Sarnicola Foundation Grants $30,000 to Support Young Entrepreneurs

Helping South Florida youths choose a different path to success is the goal of a $30,000 grant by the Sarnicola Foundation to the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship.

“We feel that our donation to the NFTE was one of the best ways we could give youth a real shot at becoming successful entrepreneurs,” said Sarnicola Foundation President Nick Sarnicola. “It was also a way for us to bring new and creative business ideas to the city of Miami and fulfill our personal mission of honoring young innovators.”

The $30,000 grant will be used to teach business and financial concepts to area youths and to help develop students’ entrepreneurial ideas via NFTE’s South Florida Youth Business Plan Challenge and Start-Up Summer Camp.

“We are blown away at the talent, charisma, and amount of time and energy invested by these young business plan competition contestants,” said foundation Vice President Ashley Sarnicola. “There is no doubt that many of them will become extraordinary entrepreneurs and make a long term positive impact on our community.”

The Sarnicola Foundation, based in Miami Beach, was established in 2011 to help support young entrepreneurs across the nation. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurship via mentorship and scholarships to young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

For more information, contact foundation Executive Director Jon DeVries at 941-993-6144 or at

For more information about the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship and its Business Plan Challenge and Start-Up Summer Camp, go to

 ViSalus™ Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola Donates $1 Million to Support Entrepreneurship

The Sarnicola Foundation to Offer Scholarships and Mentorship to Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs


TROY, Mich., Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Nick Sarnicola, Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of ViSalus™, has pledged $1 million to the Sarnicola Foundation to support young, aspiring entrepreneurs.


Sarnicola grew up in a blue collar, middle class family in Grand Rapids, MI, and after being exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age, vowed one day to become independently successful. While building a massive national sales force from the ground up for a hyper-growth telecommunications company, Sarnicola found his true calling: He would inspire young adults to follow the path of entrepreneurship.

In 2005, Sarnicola joined two other entrepreneurs, Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen, and Co-Founded ViSalus, one of the fastest-growing direct-selling companies in the industry in 2012. Over the course of his career, Sarnicola has empowered hundreds of thousands of people to become entrepreneurs and achieve financial independence. In 2011, he created the Sarnicola Foundation to inspire youths and young adults to pursue entrepreneurship by providing scholarships, mentorship and funding to help make their dreams a reality.

“I want to share my passion and knowledge of how to achieve entrepreneurial success with others,” said Sarnicola. “It’s something I was never taught in school. Being a successful entrepreneur can change someone’s life! The goal of the Sarnicola Foundation is to provide young people with entrepreneurial education and support so that they too can achieve success through entrepreneurship.”

For more information about the Sarnicola Foundation, please contact Executive Director Jon DeVries by email at

About The Sarnicola Foundation
The Sarnicola Foundation was created in 2011 by Nick Sarnicola and his wife, Ashley Sarnicola. The mission of the Foundation is to foster entrepreneurship by providing mentorship, scholarships and funding to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

About ViSalus
Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and Troy, MI, ViSalus™ is the company behind the Body by Vi™ Challenge, a 90-day health transformation platform. ViSalus champions personal victories and entrepreneurship through a social marketing model, premium products, and support community. ViSalus™ is majority-owned by Blyth, Inc. (NYSE: BTH).